A Punch to the face…

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Fear. Debilitating. Crippling. You know it. Whether it’s speaking in public or going on stage. It starts with a quickening of your pulse, and soon your fingers are numb and your face is flush…it’s just like getting punched in the face – well, sort of. I’ve been punched in the face a couple times. The […]

Survey Results: How we listen to music

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I recently shared a survey with my newsletter subscribers about how they listen to music. I’ve been curious about how technology is changing our listening and consumption habits. Data shows more and more people using streaming services (Apple, Spotify, Pandora, etc), while purchasing less CDs and MP3s. Being a curious guy, I wanted to find […]

Thanksgiving bounty…

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The start of November always gets me thinking about gratitude. I’ve been traveling through the Midwest these past several months and I’ve developed a new appreciation for FOOD. During the late days of Summer, everywhere I traveled were fields overflowing with corn, wheat…. and livestock. The rural areas of Indiana and Ohio have an abundance of farms (yes, there are […]

They’re not laughing now…

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I’m guessing you enjoy piano – or play piano yourself. Let me share a piano story I think you’ll enjoy – full of insight, humor and hopefully a little inspiration as well. Ultimately, you’ll see this is a story about YOU… Take a look at the old black & white advertisement above. It implies you just […]

Life, Death, and Transitions. My 30-year journey back from the dead…

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A Taste of Life. It was January, 1986. Only 18 years old, I had just finished my first semester at UConn where I had made the varsity ice hockey team and had quickly built a core group of friends. It was Winter Break, and I had just enjoyed “First Night Boston” with my friends. It was […]

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